Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello there!

When I first thought to write this post, I was planning to tell you about Bernard. It's really Brave-as-a-Bear Bernard, because that's what the name means, from the German. This little bunny has been dubbed as such because of his intrepid personality. He's also a fearless world traveler.

Here's the scoop: Whenever we girls go on vacation, we take Mr. B. with us. He's the bunny with whom to pose for a picture in front of la Tour Eiffel, if you please.

I was so charmed when I saw the June 2009 Vogue show real-life newlywed Russian model Sasha Pivovarova and her husband Igor Vishnyakov. The pictures by Arthur Elgort are a re-enactment of their wedding. And, that's not all--Sasha poses in a pink dress with a "Bernard" of her own! And why not?

As fascinating as Bernard is (his origin and stories are legendary), I decided to tell you about Tony Spumoni, instead. For your information, Tony Spumoni is a baby doll.

Tony's origin is not spectacular: he was a kind of holiday stocking stuffer special at a toy store--he's only about four inches tall. Pure plastic, he also came with a blue (to match his eyes) plastic bathtub for all the bathing that he's meant to do.

So, it happened that we used to play pageant with Tony, putting him against the babies from a vintage paper doll set that also belonged to us. As cunning as the other babies always were, Tony always came out on top. "Why?" you ask. Well, it's because he has the advantage of being three-dimensional!

I can't help it, for some reason, the Russian beauty and her entourage remind me of paper dolls (you could just cut them out!) in their fashions, and of babies--the wedding party do have a certain sweetness, don't they? Still, if we were to play pageant again, I believe that Autumn would be the undisputed champ!

Autumn's ensemble has a fun dress-up quality. I love the exciting pink dress with the sleek black patent purse. Autumn shows a playfulness with her flowery hair adornments (think Lovely Lady Locks) and in-love pink heart glasses. Fun fun fun!