Monday, June 23, 2008

Madame librarian

Last Saturday, I participated in my graduate program's commencement, and all my family was invited to come. Autumn and my mother's first stop was to my apartment of sunshine, to bring some things for me to wear to the ceremony. And, of course, Autumn was her stylish self.

The outfit was perfect for the hot weather of the day, because it is made completely of cotton fabrics. The top is made of a mustard yellow-colored knit fabric, and the collarbone ruffle gives it the style of a Mediterranean vacation. In the picture above, Autumn wears her blouse "way off the shoulder" (to play with Audrey Hepburn's words from the 1950s film "Sabrina"). The skirt is of a blouson style (i.e., "bubble") and features a sophisticated graphic print, also with mustard yellow.

It is the accessories that make this ensemble a study of contrasts: Autumn adds a leather belt with a corresponding color, and this choice adds a touch of tailoring, as does the square-faced watch. If it were not for these careful additions, the look would be very soft and almost baby-like.

The picture left is a result of the fashion shoot moving indoors, into my apartment. I had recently been working with a set of books sitting on my kitchen table, and they caught Autumn's attention. Wouldn't it seem that my sister should be the one graduating from library school?

The June 2008 Vogue has a fashion spread, with a similarly bookish sensibility:

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Lisa said...

The photos turned out wonderfully! Who took them?

Autumn, very fashionable taste. The whole outfit is adorable :) Everything goes so well together! I'm quite embarrassed to say i've never managed to pull together anything remotely as charming. Oh well, I'll keep trying. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two by keeping up with Ashley's blog.

Ashley, CONGRATULATIONS! :D Way to go! I'm sure you're overwhelmed with excitement about all that's happened. I hope you might post some more photos of your appartment?

The blog is so well organized and well written! it's a rarity now find posts on a blog that have so much forethought put into them. It is truly a treat to have found your blog in the beginnings. I can't wait to see future posts! Truly a brilliant idea :)

Your cousin, Lisa