Sunday, November 23, 2008

That Girl

(Picture from Trina Turk Online)

There are quite a few reasons to love this picture of Southern California native fashion designer, Trina Turk, not the least of which are her great light straw sun hat and orange-toned accessory accents, adding fun personality to her otherwise all-white ensemble. Trina Turk is carefree and stylish--at the same time!

Autumn will tell you, from her experience with the khaki-colored shift and other Trina Turk dresses, that these items are admirably well-made. The dresses are never bulky because they are tailored just so, and they feature the very nice detail of linings with lace at the hemlines. It's not really a surprise that Trina Turk likes thrift store shopping, because "you can learn a lot about how quality things are made." Many terrific seamstresses and dressers came out of the 1960s, and Trina Turk cites Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas as a couple of her early style influences.

Never heard of Marlo Thomas, the Marlo Thomas of the late-1960s television show "That Girl?" She looked somewhat like the young woman in the hat. Trina Turk's clothes have been described as "optimistic fashion," and on the show, Marlo Thomas wore cute outfit after cute outfit. And, she never walked--always ran--which could epitomize an optimistic person, always eager for what comes next.

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