Sunday, January 11, 2009


I looked in the mirror
and saw
a woman
filled with contentment.
She had bright eyes
that looked with delicious mischief,

and I envied her.

--Maram Al-Massri

I was working my late night at the library this week and decided to browse some of the new books to the collection. It's a treat that I allow myself sometimes, when the collection development lists and professional readings are temporarily completed, and I took three titles back to the reference desk. One of them was a poetry book by Maram Al-Massri, A Red Cherry on a White-tiled Floor, translated by Khaled Mattawa.

Thumbing through this Syrian poet's writing, that is direct and simple, was a pleasure, and reminded me of being a student at UCLA. I hope that Autumn sometimes consults with friends about writing projects, as I did, on the floors of dormitory rooms. Al-Massri moved to Paris in 1984, and although she is fluent in French and English, she relies on the Arabic language and poetic forms.

This suspendered skirt of my sister's, I envy. Its form is simple--and striking. It's appropriate for class with any woven blouse or knit skirt, and this time Autumn chooses a blouse with stripes and ruffles to show the teacher that she's a serious student.

For your enjoyment, here are some other selections from A Red Cherry on a White-tiled Floor:

What did I do in your absence?
I changed
the water
in the goldfish bowl,
I watered the small plant,
I regulated my breathing,
and began knitting
the woolen sweater.

I beg you...

I've ordered a cup of coffee
and fearing that I'd be late
I forgot
my purse.


Lisa said...

I LOVE the outfit! Very chic! Haha the second photo makes you look mean! Watchout boys!

I do like the striped ruffled shirt. Very cute suspenders too. Doesn't look over the top like suspenders tend to. It's balanced quite nicely!

Another beautiful day in California *sigh*

Rose said...

Suspenders frame this ruffled shirt and give it a retro classic feel. Exactly what time period of retro is hard to say, as it is a style that disappears and returns with the Santa Anna winds. And looks very cute on Autumn in 2009.