Thursday, April 30, 2009

What do you know about that!

Oh, that Norville Barnes... Lately I thought to review one of my underappreciated favorite movies, "The Hudsucker Proxy," which stars Tim Robbins (who plays the precious Norville), Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman. It's about a hapless new college graduate who at once becomes the president of the company that he joins, first as a mail clerk. It's all part of a scam.

Gosh, the movie's clever! I love it for the lines (Norville's "you know, for kids!" when pitching the hula hoop), and especially the fast-talking career girl reporter, Amy Archer (played by Leigh), who's out to get poor Norville. She's a vision of loveliness with her red polished nails and lipsticked mouth--but, what comes out of that mouth! "Is this guy from Chumpsville? Ha! I even pulled the old mother routine."

Let's look at Autumn's fashion shoot through the lens of "The Hudsucker Proxy:"

Norville Barnes: Just got hired today.
Ancient Sorter: Terrific.
Norville Barnes: You know, entry level.
Ancient Sorter: Tell me about it.
Norville Barnes: But I've got big ideas.
Ancient Sorter: I'm sure you do.
Norville Barnes: For instance, take a look at this sweet baby.
[Shows a drawn circle on a piece of paper]
Norville Barnes: I developed it myself. Yessirie, this is my big ticket upstairs. You know, for kids.

Norville Barnes: Well, can I at least call you deer?

Buzz the Elevator Operator: Hiya, buddy, my name's Buzz. I got the fuzz I make the elevator do what she does.

Amy Archer: Norville, there's something I have to tell you. You see, I'm not really a secretary.
Norville Barnes: I know that, Amy.
Amy Archer: You do!?
Norville Barnes: I understand that you're not very skilled yet in the secretarial arts. I'm not that skilled as president. Oh sure, I put up a big front but not everyone's buying it.

But, it's just a movie--though in the grand old style!

As it happens, my sister Autumn is reliving old Hollywood this weekend at one of UCLA's themed dances at Powell Library. This Saturday, she will dance swing, tango, the cha-cha, the foxtrot, the polka, as well as others, at the "Hollywood Movie Magic Ball!" Sounds like fun!

And, by the way, if you love the American-esque expressions of this post, you might want to check-out a new book called I Love It When You Talk Retro: Hoochie Coochie, Double Whammy, Drop a Dime, and the Forgotten Origins of American Speech, by Ralph Keyes. I ordered the book at my library and can't wait until it arrives!


James said...

Hudsucker! Such snappy dialogue, such memorable moments, quotes. Looks like a classic. I'd stake my Pulitzer on it!

Amber said...

This the funniest post yet! I neeeeed to watch that movie again! It is not a want, but a need!

grannybabs said...

I need to put this on my NetFlix queue - thanks for the delightful post - brightened my dull day for sure!

Besides, I love Paul Newman.

Rose said...

The book sounds swell. I can't wait to see a copy, it will be so much fun, to flip though time and see what words and phrases made the book. I hope the author used old pictures(It's so Boss!)
These pictures are so cute of James and Autumn the backgrounds are great, the mood of the pictures works, really well. I will definitely look forward to seeing the film. Thanks for the fun!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Stupendous, Ashley. You outta bee n pictures, or, y'all outta b in pictures!!

No library can contain you!
Feed me when you spot me down @ de Cafe.

Ashley said...

Swell comments, gang! Please stay tuned for next time's episode!

lifeinoleg said...

I like the picture with the 3D glasses the most. Though it was hard to decide since all of them were so stylish.

Vash said...

This was awesome! Where did you get all those snazzy outfits too? Quite quite well done haha :D.


Laurie said...

I love your recreation! WOnderful use of Americana at Brand. It's one of my favorite settings, too. (But I don't have your stellar and oh-so-photogenic models!)

This is great.

LV said...

Love it! The UCLA themed balls are a lot of fun. Just hope your sis doesn't run into my old boyfriend. He's probably still hanging around there trying to pick up unsuspecting undergrads. ;)

Ashley said...

lifeinoleg: I'm sure that Autumn has a pair of 3D glasses for you, too :)

Vash: We have to show you a great men's hat store in Pasadena when you come!

Laurie: Smart! You got the setting right away! I must admit that I went to the Americana at Brand for the first time lately!

LV: A certain serious expression (as seen on my sister's face in this post) should help keep away any bad news!