Saturday, December 26, 2009


It is the holiday season, and as would be expected, I've done my fair share of running about. I've had leisure times, too, when I went to the Getty Museum, shopping in Manhattan Beach, and to a performance of “The Nutcracker” ballet...

Shopping in Manhattan Beach. There I made some Christmas present purchases, but my best memory from the experience is of a large white dog, which I heard a shop owner was watching for her friend. I have no idea of the breed, but it was sheepdog-sized and waited so calmly outside the shop. Asking permission first, I pet the dog for several minutes and noticed that its very black nose was quite large—delightful.

“The Nutcracker” performance. I have no explanation, other than I seem to be “in search of lost times” lately. A while ago, my sister Autumn made regular appearances in “The Nutcracker” ballet—en pointe, no less—and therefore I have definite ideas about how this show should be performed. While lovely, the performance that I watched this year did not have some of the details that I always looked forward to: the children prancing with their toys during the living room scene, the dancing doll and bear, the Chinese sequence, the comic relief that is “Mother” Ginger... But, how could the director have known of my expectations?

The Getty Museum. Visiting this time I realized that some people go to see certain pieces from the permanent collections again and again as they would old friends. I agree that art can at times be comforting, and these people seem to enjoy specific details of these items. Me, I have not visited the Getty Museum nearly enough to have real favorites, but find that a color, a feeling, and a young lady's delicate look are the kinds of things from this place that stick to my memory.

My discovery from these days boils down to this: The delight is in the details. For this reason, people ought to take particular care with the accessories that they wear. Not only can they make a basic ensemble brilliant, but they may very well be the parts that other people remember the most. Observe below my sister's festive holiday adornments:

Oh, the hat! And it sparkles so! This beret just may be my sister's most glamorous accessory.

The holiday pin, a classic.

Fingerless gloves can be just what is needed, if paired with the right outfit. I enjoy these glove's pastel fairisle pattern.

Some seasonal sparkle for the wrist.

Remember the bow that you wore as a young girl? This goes to show that bows can be sophisticated, too.

Here Autumn has the "Pink Lady" attitude, only with a lot more polish.

P.S. A dream accessory of mine would be a pair of "wristlets" from Oleana, the Norwegian sweater company. To see these charming "layering" pieces, go here. (the design that I mean is on page fifteen). And no special holiday My Sky-Blue Portfolio post would be complete without an appearance from Judy Garland. Isn't she pretty as she sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas?"


Amber said...

I love Autumn's sparkly hat!

I just love that movie!

Oleg K. said...

I love going to the Getty to look for dogs in the paintings. Maybe I'll take you on my dog-tour sometime.

I also make it a habit on Getty trips to purchase and gobble down a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich from the cart near the fountain. There's something about art that awakens the desire for pb&j. Have you a clue what it is? I don't.

rose said...

Autumn's hat is darling and the sparkle adds a extra dash that goes so well in winter, like little stars. So Sweet! Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for the visions of Sugar Plums too!

Cafe Pasadena said...

I have to find another way to say, "another wonderous, wunderul posting!", in the new year.

I wood suggest you & your sista Autumn trade places one time in relation to the camera on a future blog positng in '10!

grannybabs said...

We were going to go to the Getty this year on our anniversary - Dec. 22nd. But like many anniversary events we think we'd like to do, Christmas, family, holiday events, even illness, sometimes get in the way.

So we are making a New Year's resolution to go - because we have never been!!

tonydowning said...

Ciao, bella! Ciao, bellissima!!!

Laurie said...

Love it!

I've missed you! Happy New Year. Let's make sure to have another gettogether before it becomes 2011!

Ham Panel said...

Love the sparkly bracelet!

Was just wondering if you have a newsfeed for this blog. It'd be lovely if you did--I'd like to subscribe for Google Reader!

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