Monday, February 22, 2010

West Coast

Dear readers,

Do you think it’s fine to be completely content in your present life while at the same time wishing for faraway and unknown places and faces, to wake up to find a different agenda in the morning, and for a slower pace? What do you think of a train trip vacation?

Trains are lovely, aren’t they? For me, the mention of them sends me back to 1950s cinema-land, where the Grace Kellys of this world sit in the dining car and leisurely sip their afternoon coffees. You do know that all the while they are making eyes in their subtle and sophisticated fashion at the mysterious strangers sitting nearby? Yes, and as would be expected everyone is impeccably dressed...

I am not the only person who thinks that train travel is romantic, and others’ impressions are well-documented. First, there’s Audrey Tautou in the recent (and shall I add cinematic?) Chanel No. 5 advertisement. And just as my sister and I were finishing these “train” pictures, we found that Vogue had done something similar on the East Coast for the February 2010 issue. (I don’t think that Annie Leibovitz’s take with Sean “Diddy” Combs and Natalia Vodianova is very good, for a few reasons, but it’s still worth a look.)

My sister is a true Southern California girl, and the muted gray and brown tones that she wears match those of Los Angeles’ Union Station. (I’ve heard that the style of hat she has on is “just the thing” presently.) Our brother James joins as the leading man for this fun interlude.

To close, I'll leave you with one of the most "wish-ful" songs that I know, "West Coast” by Coconut Records. (Actor Jason Schwartzman leads this band, making it seem like everyone in this town has hidden talents.)

Until we meet again,


hanner said...

ha! i was humming that song in my head when i read the title!

Melissa said...

The photos and the subjects are lovely. And I, too, had that song in my head after I saw your title. I really enjoy his music.

Cafe Pasadena said...

This is greaaaat, Ashley! Love that tune too!

I know what you should bee when you grow up: a Professional Blogger! :)

Ham Panel said...

Lovely! And train trips are VERY romantic. I approve. ;)

Cute song, btw!

Johnny said...

Nicely written.

shopgirl said...


This is perfect! I agree. Great song, great writing, great post!

grannybabs said...

We were going to take a train trip up to Portland - but the cost was prohibitive - if we got a sleeper car.

I just didn't want to do 30 hours without a sleeper car.

But it's still a dream!

(I wonder if it still costs only "a little silver quarter" to "have the Pullman porter turn the lights down low?")