Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar night

So, it’s the evening of the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, and as most everybody knows, what’s seen on the red carpet helps to determine the fashions of the warmer seasons—at least in part.

I read an interesting book review article this past week, and the book is The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar, who seems to be very perceptive and who also happens to be blind. She comments:

Because I’m blind, I’m not emotionally invested in a particular color or color combination. I’m much more able to discern how invested sighted people are in what looks good and how enormously subjective it is. It was my struggle with color that made me pay so much attention to it. Names of shades of particular colors kept changing—along with the idea of what color should go with what others.

She continues:

Sighted people’s emotions are tied not just to what they’re seeing but what they’re feeling while they’re seeing.

These remarks made me stop to think: Color fascinates me, admittedly, and sometimes I like or dislike a certain color based on the way that it “makes” me feel. For instance, orange (or tangerine or persimmon or pumpkin!) is my favorite color because it’s “cheerful.”

Back to the Oscars. What do you think of the fashions this year? What do you think of the colors that the actresses are wearing this year? What’s your favorite gown from the red carpet?

For this blog post, my sister is back in “cheery-cherry,” and I think that she looks like a film siren of the 1940s.

(Hey! I’m like Zadie Smith, intellectualizing the Academy Awards rituals.)


grannybabs said...

Autumn could easily outshine most of the academy awards participants!! I red - in all its manifestations - but don't own very many red clothes.

Not sure why!

shopgirl said...

I always love how you include the locale with the fashion!

Amber said...

I like red.

Cafe Pasadena said...

U2 make a great blog tag team!

Chloe said...

My favorite colors on the red carpet this year were the shimmery softs and metallics.

And Penelope Cruz's dress hands down.

rose said...

Autumn looks smashing! The hair the dress and the shoes are perfect.

Amber said...

Penelope Cruz's dress this year was amazing, but I also like the one she wore in 2008 at Oscars.