Saturday, December 25, 2010

How to sew

[White shirt]

My sister Autumn made this stylish white chemise. Yes, that's exactly right, and I am impressed. She had some help, however, and it was in the form of Common Thread Studio.

This summer past she discovered this little shop on South Pasadena's Mission Street. This is not your grandmother's sewing shop and offers a modern take on traditional handicrafts.

Common Thread Studio is more about expertise than fabric and notions, and there are classes for beginning sewing, serger basics, silkscreen printing, alterations, and making such items as “bourgeois” travel kits and aprons with pot-holders. You can also attend their “open studio” to use their professional equipment and pretend that you are a high-end designer working on a couture creation!

During Autumn's lesson she cut-out the pattern (provided by the teacher) and sewed a few seams. After this great start, my sister was able to take her cloth home and complete the rest of the project.

But, I want so many things, and sometimes it's rather funny to listen to me. Earlier this year some of you may have heard me say that I want a purple purse, which is based on an image that I have in my head, vaguely associated with lush ski vacations. To complicate matters further, the leather must be of a certain jaunty shade and the metal findings of a proper shininess.

So far my search for the perfect satchel has been as unsuccessful as my finding delicate gold adornments like these. Don't pity me though, I've lately found a coat in leopard faux fur that I love...

From time to time I should remind myself that simplicity is easier and sometimes far more elegant. Look at my sister in this blouse. Thin, crisp, and well-shaped with a hint of eyelet, this blouse is deceptively simple in appearance. The custom close fit makes this look. Please don't mind my name-dropping another lovely white shirt-wearer.

Common Thread Studio
1011A Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030

P.S. Audrey Hepburn wore cat prints at least once so there's no need for me to feel gaudy.


Oleg K. said...

Your blog is back. Hooray!

rose said...

Oh, I bet it is fun to sew in a studio with other people trying to create a new design with professional help, who have patterns and fabric and all the know how. Autumn's blouse is very cute and the design timeless, it turned out great!!

Ham Panel said...

Your sister's shirt looks great! Kudos to her for making it.

And I love the gold rings you linked to. They are so delicate and pretty; I'd like me some, too!

Happyhappy to see your blog is up again. HOORAY!

shopgirl said...

Your words always brighten my day! Glad your back!

P.S. I will have to look into that coat!

grannybabs said...

Many years ago I took classes at a sewing school in Utah - where you made what you wanted to make and they just helped you. I loved it. And I've always thought the concept had merit - I will have to check this one out.

Cafe Observer said...

HooRay, your blogging again!! Or did someone already say this?

Don't give up writing!