Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day special

My love list:

1. Full-skirted party dresses
2. Dinner dates
3. Maps of all kinds—fold-outs, globes, atlases, Google…
4. "Going for a drive"
5. Cinema with a capital “C”
6. Spring scents
7. Painted fingernails
8. Gelato (I want two scoops)
9. The Beatles
10. Surprise bouquets
11. Local treasures
12. Laughing from the inside out

(I’m sure if I’d ask my sister about what she loves her list would include freckles, nose wrinkles, and honeysuckle—not that she wouldn’t also agree with my list. These are common interests! But, what do you love?)

I like Valentine’s Day, and my feelings about it are still wrapped-up in those shoeboxes that we all seemed to have re-purposed and decorated to collect eclectic mini-greetings from our grade school classmates.

Nowadays this holiday tends to be much more elaborate, but still it’s nice to look back on when some candy hearts and a well-penned “I like you” did the trick. Oh, and don’t forget the grocery store valentines, with a favorite superhero on them.

And that’s a reason why I like Kate Spade is doing these days. And I’m not even talking about the charming, charming clothes, shoes, and accessories! Kate Spade is paying homage to the holiday that people love to love (yes, there are others—but let’s not think about them now) with a playful “favorite things” approach. Why not send one of the free e-postcards
to a special friend?

Also, these shots depict my sister modeling after the Kate Spade magazine ad, which reminds me of a fun date idea: I lately discovered these little guides at a bookstore, art museum gift shop, or someplace like this. Anyway, they make so that you can take a tour of your own city and learn all sorts of interesting facts. I like the architecture-focused guidebooks best.

Kate Spade’s catalog-in-a-video is both dreamy and quirky, and I love the muted primary colors. We think the girl in the song is teasing her boyfriend, which isn’t so nice of her, but what he says is so sweet:
“I love you more than everything. And compared to you everything means nothing.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you all kinds of love.

Thank you, Oleg, for the candy hearts.


grannybabs said...

I love reading a Burdick Blog!!

shopgirl said...

I love your blog Ashley-o! Really enjoyed reading this entry!

rose said...

So Sweet!!! Happy V Day!!! I enjoyed checking out all of the Kate Spade little extras Post Cards and all the rest, lots of cute ideas to make life just a little bit more fun. This blog was sort of like a crush, lots of fun!!!

Cafe Pasadena said...

OK, you got it! Wait, oh, I'm late... :(

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