Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yes, we're going to a party party!

Lest you think that I have just one pretty sister, you should take note that I have at least two! (I actually have three very pretty sisters, but it's Amber who's the guest of this post.) A short while ago, my sisters were set to go to a party, and I took these pictures just as they were heading out the door. Some boys really should work on their chat-up lines.

Let me tell you about what a fan I am of white on white! It's retro without really being retro, and I am perhaps the only person who thinks of 1970s "soft rock" when I catch a glimpse of this kind of monochromatic dressing. I can almost hear Feist's recent rendition of the song by Barry Gibb (yes, the Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees): "I ain't no vision...."

But, Autumn's party clothes are very visionary: White clothes altogether have a danger of looking too dainty, but Autumn circumvents this challenge by making sure that her top is sporty. Notice the shirt's "v" neckline that forms a hood in the back and front "kangaroo" pocket. Autumn reiterates this sportif motif with the sunglasses (white-rimmed, of course) perched on top of her head. The rest of the outfit could be considered quite feminine, the full skirt made of a soft cotton lace fabric. Oh, and did you notice her "baseball diamond" bracelet? (In case you were wondering what kind of shoes Autumn was wearing, I'll tell you: They were white flip-flops with a slight wedge.)

What I like best about all-white clothes on my sister is that they bring out her almost anime eyes and smile.


Anonymous said...

...And the door ain't bad either.

Lisa said...

HAHA ^ to the above comment :P

I'll have to be honest, I've never been a fan of monocrhomatic, but you've definitely pulled it off! I really do like how you did your hair. Photos are great. Amber, you look energetic and mischievous as ever :D Both look very cute, and I hope you had fun at the party.