Friday, July 25, 2008

And I could be your favorite girl!

Hello there--long time, no see.

I don't know where my time goes since I left school, but I must say that it passes pleasantly. A baby peeking between books on a library shelf would have always been cute before, but nowadays, it really hits me to the heart. And, I see adorableness everywhere I go these days.

Take, for instance, Autumn with her new jumbo foam rollers bought at the pharmacy-store. She simply wanted smooth waves, but I couldn't help but see the cute cartoon quality of Autumn's curler look. I insisted on a photo shoot.

Hair rollers were an oft-used look enhancer of the 1960s, and I've heard stories of girls going to bed wearing the hard version of what you see here: Autumn's set is designed by Hello Kitty, it would seem.

Gwen Stefani has the same idea with her new Harajuku Lovers fragrances: four bottles that are look-alikes of the multi-talented Stefani and her Japanese girls, all outfitted in anime style. Autumn and I first learned of the scents from the "Beauty Blogger" column in the August 2008 Teen Vogue. (The youthful styles of Teen Vogue suit Autumn better than its senior counterpart.) Aren't the doll bottles cunning and don't they look like they could be wearing curlers?

My sister wearing curlers?! Now, you've seen everything...


Amber said...

Yes, Autumn could be someone's favorite girl...even in curlers! I always think I look like a little old lady when I don my curlers, but somehow Autumn gets away with it and actually looks cute!

In other words I suffer from a case of curler covetousness! I love alliteration!

Maybe, Autumn needs a set of those Gwen fragrances. I just can imagine them like soldiers lined up on her dresser. Autumn actually looks a lot like the G fragrance character.

lifeinoleg said...

Micky Mouse curlers!

I suspect: A Mickey Mouse born to a small town located around an industrial compound releasing noxious toxins into a nearby stream would lead to all those ears.

(The above sentence was brought to you by the folks at assonance anonymous.)

grannybabs said...

I used to sleep on those kinds of "hard" rollers.

The price we paid for "beauty!"

And I ironed my hair too - to make it straight - I had wavy hair - still do actually!

Ashley said...

Grannybabs: I always wondered what it would be like to iron my hair! "Gidget" once had an episode where Sally Field nearly scorches her friend's hair...