Friday, October 31, 2008

You're ducky.

One of my favorite parts of the "Sweet Land" movie is when Olaf's friend, called Frandsen, turns around in the horse-drawn buggy to look at the pretty, fresh-faced Inge in the back seat and says: "You're ducky." Frandsen tells Inge that "ducky" means "good."

As a young child, I drew a lot of ducks, as well as chickens. They were fanciful birds, the boys wearing top hats and the girls eyelashes. (Children, indeed, have their own sense of fashion.) "Ducky lips," made by positioning one's mouth just so, had a certain attractiveness, and my two-year-old self liked to wear a plush duckling secured onto my head with a satin ribbon that was tied in a bow under my chin. Chickens also made very good hats.

I am glad that Vogue agrees.

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Rose said...

This picture is perfect, its fun and interesting. And I can hear Clark Gable say, "Well that's just ducky!" with a car door slamming from an old film that is stuck somewhere in my head. Ducky always somehow cute.