Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game rules

The days are still sunny in Southern California, and just in case you should go to the Pasadena Rose Bowl some Saturday, you should know that my sister is a UCLA football game-go-er. Say "hello" like the friendly Bruin you are!

Autumn's studied. She knows the rules of the game. Observe:

1. Wear your team's colors: the side logo of Autumn's UCLA t-shirt is very "design-y," I think, and she's wearing her trademark top-of-the-head sunglasses, certainly gold-colored.
2. Take care against the bright sun of the stadium: Autumn's sunglasses are essential, as are her UCLA visor and the sunscreen that she's slathered all over.
3. But, a soft frozen lemonade can be pleasant.
4. Cheer for your team loud and long because your day will be ruined if the Bruins lose: Autumn makes good use of her blue and gold pom-poms.

5. The "Eight Clap" can help re-energize any situation. Also, Autumn enjoys playing the games presented on the big screens of the stadium.
6. Take a walk around the stadium to make sure that the place that you were standing has the best possible view of the field.
7. Say "hello" to all of your friends also at the game: Autumn knows that it's best not to say anything about the essay due on Monday.
8. Make friends with the people cheering in front and in back of you. Work on your "chat-up lines," or the other team's incompetence is always a promising conversation topic.
9. Have your picture taken with "Joe Bruin," if you can.

10. After the Bruins win, consider the fun possibility of pizza in Pasadena.

Hooray! UCLA just won against Stanford, 23 to 20! The last ten seconds very exciting!


Elizabeth said...

That was such an excellent ending to the game; go Bruins!

Rose said...

Felt the sun, the energy and the chat up lines were very helpful. Oh and 23 to 20 does have a nice ring and tension to it. What a wonderful day!