Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Christmas anecdotal

We had a set of Christmas crackers this year, and someone, who shall remain nameless, had the good fortune of getting a little red dinosaur in his. I could have used that dinosaur. He would not trade—not for a moment—and joked to me, “They say the dinosaur is our common ancestor, and I’ll be keeping this one in the family.” I asked this person what he would be naming the figurine, and he replied, “I have to go to church for a proper name.”

From my cracker, I got a whistle (to use on the misbehaving kids at the library, of course), a stylish paper crown, and this joke:

Patty: Did you know that it takes three sheep to make one sweater?
Matty: No, I didn’t even know they could knit.

Also delightful this holiday was the Short Story Dog Contest with its 12 entries. You might read my contribution, “Bungalow Dog,” which I’ll admit isn’t really fashion-related, either. However it does include the line, “Molly was a model, and a fairly famous one at that.”

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