Sunday, December 28, 2008


At once a voice arose among
The bleak twigs overhead
In a full-hearted evensong
Of joy illimited…

--Thomas Hardy, “The Darkling Thrush”

My sister always seems to be prepared for anything, which would befit a girl whose childhood heroes were the resourceful Nancy Drew and any cartoon character who had the ability to crack a case. Need a story for any reason? Autumn’s got one. Have a blister and need a Band-Aid? My sister probably has one in her purse.

“With a mirror right inside the cap touch ups are a snap—anywhere,” reads the box of Autumn’s favorite lipstick. How fitting!

My sister found her Lola brand “lip crème” at a darling, darling store right next to the Metro station in South Pasadena. Puff Beauty Studio specializes in modern make-ups with an old time attitude, as illustrated by the sleek 1950s Barbie pictures on the shop’s walls.

The girls who work there are friendly and helped Autumn to the perfect orange tone to complement many of the clothes she wears. The color’s called “Pucker,” in case you were wondering.

I think my sister looks air-ready with her cute flight jacket. She could be a bird—light at the throat, dark wings and body, and a beak that’s a charming hue. Then, what’s she doing playing with that cat…?

Autumn suggested that we move this time’s photo shoot outdoors and under the peach tree that’s showing the effects of winter. “Wet and wildness” would have been my poetic assessment of the back garden’s current state, but my sister was ready with another more appropriate poem that includes this tree-image: “The tangled bine-stems scored the sky/ Like strings of broken lyres.” This Hardy poem is about a bird who expresses “Hope” at the prospect of a new year and era.

That’s my Autumn, always prepared.

Many thanks to the wonderful readers of My Sky-Blue Portfolio! See you in 2009!

Puff Beauty Studio
1005 Mission Street
South Pasadena, California 91030


Rose said...

Oh yes, that jacket, and that girl would fit so well in Alan's favorite film the Rocketeer. It is a darling film as is the outfit!
Pucker, pretty color and the name makes you want to smile. Just put your lips together and pop on some color or is it whistle, you know how to whistle, don't you. The shop sounds so fun. :0

Lisa said...

The jacket looks awesome! You seem so warm and toasty. I wonder if the weather over there has been cold enough to warrant being all bundled up?

If not, then I can totally appreciate the desire to dress up warmly being excited about a new cold outfit. If there has not been any cold coat weather, I can handle being a little too warm. It's fun trying on new outfits.

The shop does sound really fun. You look really cute Autumn :)

grannybabs said...

Love Thomas Hardy - and "The Darkling Thrush."