Saturday, February 14, 2009

My funny valentine

My sky-blue portfolio is not the first instance in the history of Ashley + Autumn that I’ve encouraged my sister to wear something new and different—perhaps something that she was unsure about at first—and taken pictures of the resulting look for posterity.

One notable time happened when Autumn was only a toddler, and I, the doting older sister that I was, wanted to play "dress-up” with the adorable doll of a girl. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I remember our mother was cleaning house, which seemed to allow me all the more freedom for the activity. Somehow, I persuaded little Autumn to put a pastel blue ballet tutu around her neck—she really had not wanted to do it.

Many people who know Autumn know that she has an aversion to garments that make her itch, and the tutu episode must have been somewhat traumatic for her, because she can still recall how the stiff tulle felt on the tender skin below her chin. (What we do for fashion!) I think that it’s time that I give my sister credit and thanks for being so obliging towards me, especially concerning my styling efforts:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sport! (Um…that sounds more like one of those classroom valentines that children slip through slots cut on the tops of decorated shoe boxes, specifically of the baseball player variety…better switch gears…)

Autumn, I would like to thank you for letting me help dress you sometimes. You already have great style on your own, and I love that you’re willing to try new things. I don’t ever mean to make you look like a clown, honest.

Mostly, I would like to wish my stylish sister a happy day!


grannybabs said...

Love the "retro" feel of the last shot.

Tutus were a daily fact of life in our house for many years - the product of 4 girls who loved them - and we didn't even have to have ballet classes to love them.

Now they are tattered and worn but the grandkids still drag them out.

The plus side? After all these years they are not itchy anymore!!

lifeinoleg said...

A pleasant tribute.

I like Autumn's hairstyle in the last picture.