Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bus stop

With spring’s start, I can’t help but feel that something great is upon us. It begins with not a few very wet rainstorms. Then, there are some inordinately warm days for wintertime. The southern California foothills become quite green, and the sun stays up for the journey home from school or work. At this time, we’re in the midst of the very gorgeous mornings—you know what I mean—the morning time is light and bright, garnished with sparrows’ songs.

But, it’s not to say that there will be no more rainy days for a while, because springtime weather is notoriously changeable—which is why you need a reliable raincoat.

Here, my sister is borrowing the raincoat that used to be a staple in my wardrobe. (I wonder, does that make it vintage?) It’s a Target find from the time when the chain store first started featuring low priced designer items.

This raincoat is by Isaac Mizrahi, and I love everything about it. The standout tangerine color got my attention first, and somehow, it just works on otherwise all gray days. What’s more, it’s lined with polka dot fabric! But, that’s where the frivolity stops, because the coat’s lines are straight and no-nonsense, making water to slide off as on a duck’s back.

Some asides: Once upon a time, one of my main occupations was as a dolls’ fashion writer, and I wrote this catchy phrase: “One duck and two ducks and one raincoat girl.” Makes you want such a resilient raincoat, doesn’t it? Another memory with this raincoat in particular comes from when I was a poetry student at UCLA, and my teacher, Professor Cal Bedient, was a pretty snappy dresser himself. He appeared to enjoy when I wore this striking outer garment and used to comment that it seemed to make me walk more confidently—virtually stride, actually. It should be noted that Professor Bedient does not shy away from distinctive colors in his everyday dress.

I admire the way that Autumn pairs the tangerine with the white—the skirt, the sunglasses, and the bracelet—making for an effective one-two punch against the rainy day gray. It fits fashion designer Trina Turk's definition: “What’s the opposite of a wallflower?” Autumn looks as if she could be embarking on a grand adventure via Metro.

Practically, an umbrella would be a very good idea, but maybe you shouldn’t risk it if you believe what The Hollies sang some decades ago:

Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say,
Please share my umbrella.
Bus stop, bus go, she stays, love grows
Under my umbrella.

Autumn brought this video of the song "Bus Stop" to my attention, and you might like it, too. It’s only a few minutes long--just click on the blue "video."


Stephanie said...

Tangerine is inspiring!

grannybabs said...

A great coat and a great color.

I got a great deal on a red raincoat a few years ago - and recently tossed it because I hadn't worn it in forever.

Perhaps I will go looking for another one - but if I did that, it would more than likely stop raining!!

Lisa said...

Hahaha the last photo is very cute. Actually, it all is!

That truly was a great find Ashley! It's a really fun color and the lining matches well. It looks cute on you Autumn! Haha, it's great to see Aubrey again! I

I did notice that Target started carrying some really cute stuff, but I've never taken the time to stop and look.. (Whenever I enter those huge shopping marts, I make a plan. Grab the item I went in for, and make a run for it to the shopping line! Otherwise.. I end up taking hours..)

Hah, it always looks like you all have so much fun taking pictures. Thank you for putting so much effort into the site! It's really been a blast to watch and read

lifeinoleg said...

I'm very fond of the colors in this post: tangerine, pink, black, blue, and gold(line). I still want to call it the yellow line.

More pictures than usual, I notice.

You should send the pic of Autumn with the Metro logo to the MTA PR people, they'll be pleased, I'm sure.

grannybabs said...

See, it did rain!! (and I had no raincoat!!)

Just doing my part for the drought!

Rose said...

Umbrella's are delightful and full of memories, running, laughing, trying to get wet while still holding one (if you are a little girl). Going to the metro in a slicker with polka-dots in tangerine and pink umbrella has got I am ready to go have some fun all over it. How could you not. Aubrey across from Autumn has a California blissful feel to the picture. And the picture of James and Autumn is so cute, it makes you smile inside.

Laurie said...

I just got my little 3 year old daughter a pink, flowered umbrella. I think all girls should have pink umbrellas!

These shots are lovely, whimsical and fun.

Le Na said...

Oh wow, LOVE the umbrella and the splashes of colour!!