Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring songs

Most everyone knows the poem where the poet Wordsworth, reclining on his sofa, remembers the yellow flowers that he saw earlier in the day. “Emotion recollected in tranquility” is the idea here, and William Wordsworth’s philosophy of poetry. But, the reason that I like the poem “I wandered lonely as a cloud” is because it makes me feel “spring-like.”

Doesn’t Autumn look like a girl Wordsworth? (The daffodils are compliments of the great bins of blossoms now available at the local Trader Joe’s market.)

For your reading pleasure, here’s a portion of The Prelude by Wordsworth, edited to be part of his “Was It for This” section by relative Jonathan Wordsworth:

For this in springtime, when on southern banks
The shining sun had from his knot of leaves
Decoyed the primrose flower, and when the vales
And woods were warm, was I a rover then
In the high places, on the lonely peaks,
Among the mountains and the winds?

(I was there in England once. And, I wandered. And then it was that I became a librarian.)


Cafe Pasadena said...

You're a Librarian? No surprise 2 me.

Autumn looks springlike. However, yes, "emotion recollected in tranquility" is a description you can apply to her - so she can be a Wordsworth Girl - but she/you seem much more. You look more like German Shepherd Girls!!

Another XXce!!ent! posting.

Stephanie said...

=] That is one of my favorite poems! I actually first read it in a standardized test in high school...the CAHSEE I think...and found it very soothing.

Thanks for all of your lovely messages! I hope life is treating you spectacularly!

Oleg K. said...

Words worth their weight in daffodils.

grannybabs said...

I like the line about "and then my heart with rapture fills, and dances with the daffodils" best of all.

Spring is indeed a fine time of year.

And I want to go to England and "wander lonely as a cloud" but I'd like to have a walking companion!!

Ashley said...

Hello, everybody!

Cafe Pasadena: "German Shepherd Girls" is a nice idea!

Stephanie: I love that it's one of your favorite poems, too!

Oleg K.: (Who's this?) That's a clever image!

grannybabs: Terrills are always so well-read! I think that you'd like this part of England where Wordsworth lived--it's very "walkable!"