Monday, November 9, 2009

Style question #2

Hello again. [space space]

It happens that I am again in the midst of decorating my place—this time, it’s my new studio apartment near the beach. Decorating to me is as daunting as it is fun, because how do you go about communicating in a cohesive way all of the ideas and influences that you are thinking of?

She’s really keen on Scandinavian design but doesn’t want to go all out with IKEA; she likes modern mixed with traditional. Vintage is nice, but she has mixed feelings about toile. She likes children’s literature illustration and classic cinema photography and would like her surroundings to reflect these interests. Oh, and her chubby loveseat is already upholstered in orange- and white-striped cotton.


Do you see what I mean?


Anyway, as librarians are oft to do, I lately was reading media reviews, and October’s issue of Paste had a piece about how “quirkiness” has moved to the big screen: “Zooey Deschanel reigns as Hollywood’s queen of quirk…and with the increasing crossover between indie and mainstream cinema, [the quirky girl’s] reach is widening.” You may have missed Zooey Deschanel in “500 Days of Summer,” but even if you only watch the movie's trailer, you must admit that it looks an awful lot like the inside of an Anthropologie store. And Anthropologie is very popular, as well as decidedly quirky.

I also enjoy quirkiness (have you watched the music video for Regina Spektor’s “Eet” yet? The typewriter!) but am hoping that what I’ll have in the end won’t just reflect what’s the mainstream now. Interior decoration is about self-expression and individuality, right?

The fashion pictures here could serve as a scrapbook for my present decoration endeavors, and Autumn wears red tights à la Kate Spade. (By the way, have you seen Kate Spade’s fabulous boutiques? They’re an explosion of vibrant colors, and very vintage-seeming, and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn plays on a television in the background.)

Bye-bye. [space space]

P.S. If you have a moment, could you please look at this example of interior design? Don’t forget to tell me what you think of it, too…



Oleg K. said...

The photographs in this blog post are marvelous.

shopgirl said...

I really need my dose of "My Sky-Blue Portfolio!"

Great stuff!

Radio Flyer said...

Like your style! Like your writing! Very eclectic and interesting post!

500 Days of Summer...Hmmm...
Great backgrounds (at the boyfriend's workplace, and the party, loved the clothes, and the soundtrack. Didn't really like the movie though...All you want to see is in the trailer.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan! How could I not be?!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, your blog is so much better than mine that it's: [enter truth here]. [space space]

grannybabs said...

Those rooms look like the rooms I always imagine living in.

But they will never happen.

But maybe they can for you!!

Cafe Observer said...

Wunderful, as usual.
I wish my apt looked like that!

Johnny said...


Are you an artist?

rose said...

This was a very fun blog to get lost in. I kept getting involved in the different aspects of the post, the Regina Spector music videos, the movie and the Kate Spade Apt. But I do have an idea for Ashley's Apt. Each room would have a similar color palate but each room would be a different style, Living Room eclectic, bedroom vintage, Kitchen retro, Bath modern but color the constant.(Just an idea.) The couch sounds so pretty, I can tell you will have a lot of fun living there and making it yours. Autumn looks darling as does the backdrops.

Ashley said...

Oleg K.: Thank you.

shopgirl: Oh, that's sweet! We're glad that you like it!

Radio Flyer: Thank you very much! You're very right about the movie; I felt the same way. The style's great, though, isn't it?

tonydowning: *smile*

grannybabs: Here's to hoping and working. Choosing a new bedspread nearly made me yell aloud!

Cafe Observer: Why, thank you! *curtsy*

Johnny: I like to draw and paint sometimes. The colors in the picture are some new chalk pastels, because I plan to get into that medium again.

rose: That's a nice idea! The color palette's tricky, and I was thinking the hues from the plate might be right... But oh--choosing a bedspread has been so much trouble, and I was all but ready to choose plain white last night! Of course the white would be punctuated with Marimekko print pillows, with pink blossoms (see:!

Amber said...

Regina looks so pretty in that music video and her hair!