Monday, October 19, 2009

A question of style

When Autumn first suggested that the blog feature her wearing these glasses, I said, "What? You'll be playing a librarian?" Shame on me for reinforcing librarian stereotypes.

But, what do you think of glasses? Do you think they are very librarian-like, or just smart? How do you like my sister in these? My inquiring mind would like to know...


Ham Panel said...

Very librarian-ish! Me-likes!

Radio Flyer said...

Crimson nail polish! Lovely idea! I can just imagine how it looked on you!

And in regards to glasses...I think they give a cool retro look on both guys and gals!

Cafe Observer said...

She looks very nice in the glasses.
Actually, too nice looking for a librarian! (Shame on me for reinforcing librarian stereotypes.)

Oleg K. said...

I like it...Only Autumn needs to keep the glasses further up her nose or there's no use wearing them :O)

Amber said...

Lots of pizzazz! That sounds like jazz!

grannybabs said...

Since I wear glasses, I always wonder why others want to wear them!!

Though I will confess that as a child, I kept wanting to wear them. Thought they would make me look smart - as in intelligent!!

rose said...

Glasses are so fun when they are cute but cute is somehow impossible to find if you need them,to see.

Johnny said...

Lots of POW!

Liked the writing!
Liked the photography!

Laurie said...

I LOVE the way she looks in them! (I have a similar pair...)

I've missed you! Things are a little less hectic around here these days. It's nice to catch up on your blog.

tonydowning said...

The glasses look great!

tonydowning said...

Adorable, as usual! Ciao!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody! This is really nice!

Ham Panel: I don't think that I've ever seen you wear glasses? Do you?

Radio Flyer: Very glad that you appreciate the color of the polish!

Cafe Observer: I happen to know some very attractive librarians!

Oleg K.: Thanks for the memo; I'll pass it on.

Amber: You're a jazzy dresser, too.

grannybabs: Glasses, like certain accents, can have the ability to make people seem more intelligent (than they maybe are)! About the accent, just ask E.L. Konigsburg, the author of The View from Saturday!

rose: Yes, we like cute!

Johnny: Thank you so much! And, thank you for coming by!

Laurie: Great to see you back! We missed you, too! (Hope all is going okay.)

tonydowning: Thank you!