Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Retrospective: Los Angeles Leisure

[How to do the Hollywood Bowl]

Dear friends,

I am sorry that you missed the festivities of this past summer. They were wonderful and included two concerts for me at the Hollywood Bowl. We took these pictures when my sister Autumn came along, with the homemade picnic that she made.

This is how the Hollywood Bowl works: You will need a picnic, of course, and homemade is certainly preferable. Autumn's is sandwiches made with turkey, fresh watermelon slices, lemonade in glass bottles, and something sweet to eat. You will pack these in your own version of the “picnic basket.” At the height of summer in July when this was, these portable food hampers become more expensive than ever, but you can improvise. My sister uses a natural fiber tote, and a wood box that she found at a gourmet food shop in South Pasadena. Add to these some plates, utensils, and napkins (these design-y ones came from IKEA) as well as a quilt for comfort, and you're ready to venture out.

But, wait! Don't forget to dress appropriately! Overall, your outfit should reflect the eclectic mood of the Los Angeles arts scene, which explains Autumn's interesting skirt. It is in fact two skirts, an almost vintage-looking floral one worn over a white eyelet one. This look works because both skirts are cotton. The show will start before the sun will have set, which necessitates some good sunglasses. Autumn wears her cheerful cherry pair well. You will also need a warm cover-up (not pictured) for when night falls.

This is the order for the evening: You should take the tram. Unless you live or work near the Hollywood Bowl, the tram really is the best option for ease and travels there from several convenient locations. Once at your destination you're free to spread out your picnic and people-watch, but please try not to stare too much at the darling baby up ahead. It's rude—but I agree with you that her parents should have thought better than to bring her to such a late-night event...

You can sway, dance, sing along, harmonize—whatever you would like—when the concert starts, because what better bliss and heaven is there than being alive and young and enjoying live music outdoors in the summer?

This is my advice should you in future find yourself fortunate enough to go to the Hollywood Bowl.


P.S. We saw the adorable Zooey Deschanel of the band She & Him peform the song “I Was Made for You,”
among other delights.


Stephanie said...

What an exquisite post! Got me prematurely excited about the summer!

Had the chance to see Zooey perform (solo) at the Food and Wine festival this summer....SO incredible!!!

Miss you!

rose said...

What a wonderful day, the picnic looks so beautiful and the setting of the Hollywood Bowl had to make the outing so fun, along with the very cute music. Autumn's look is darling and on the quilt, so, so American!! Lot's of fun!!!

shopgirl said...

Loved the links Ashley-o!

grannybabs said...

We always do the Bowl at least once each year, but we did miss it this year - and now I'm sad about that!!

Chloe said...

You're back!

Cafe Observer said...

Luv the food pics! Now I'm getting really hungry.