Friday, August 1, 2008

Not just a song and dance man

The other day, I made a discovery at my library. While on the trail for disco music (seems we don't have much of it), I found a CD of only Gene Kelly songs, as sung by him in the movies. Let me confess: I love Gene Kelly, and while I realize that many other library-goers do as well, when I found the music, I felt that it had been selected expressly for me. Love makes us irrational, I know.

My brother says (maybe a little jokingly) that Gene Kelly is "creepy" in "An American in Paris" with the way that he unexpectedly shows-up at the perfume shop where Leslie Caron works and won't leave her alone until she agrees to see him again. But, it's romantic.

There should be more men like Gene Kelly, because he was fantastic! He could dance, sing, act, choreograph, direct, write, produce, and speak French. Remember when he sings "I've Got Rhythm"? "J'ai the daisies dans green pastures."

Another discovery: There's a fairly new Indian film that features a lead and a story comparable to Gene Kelly and "An American in Paris." I won't spoil "Saawariya" for you, but an actor named Ranbir Kapoor plays an endearing character who's in love with a girl, but she's promised to someone else. And to complicate matters further, there's another woman who loves him. The film seems as if it happens in a dream with its picturesque and somehow familiar village settings and mystery-filled darkness that settles upon everything. The Bollywood-style song and dance numbers were a delight to me as well!

While Autumn does not have a sari, her closet is not without influences of India. Last summer, she got a skirt, originally from India, at a local outdoor market. Amber also has an Indian skirt, as you can see:

These hot months are the ideal time to wear these skirts, because they are fashioned of butterfly wing weight silk fabric in a breezy wrap-around style. They are easy, too! These girls wear their skirts with t-shirts and sandals or flats--oh, and maybe a bracelet. And they are set to go wherever their summer adventures take them.

What I like about these skirts are their vibrant colors, which keep people from noticing how very casual the dressing really is. Autumn could wear her ensemble for afternoon errands in town and then to an evening patio party.

And, in case you did not notice, the skirts are reversible, making them even more versatile!


Anonymous said...

Yes, skirts are versatile, but what about that umbrella in the background, was that planned or did it just decide to pose for you on its own accord?

p.s. - did Autumn do something new with her hair? It looks particularly stylish in these pics.

Ashley said...

Umbrellas are magical creatures, Oleg; Mary Poppins must have taught you so. On the day of the photo shoot, these umbrellas were feeling particularly pretty.

Thanks! That's Autumn's straight hair look.

Anonymous said...

Tell Sylvia about the disco situation, she's rebuilding the collection due to "patron weeding" since she last worked at the library. She has great musical taste!