Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The last days of summer

For most of this summer, I've maintained a display of "beach reads" (you know, light books, quick books, "pack-in-your-beach-tote-and-go" books) at the library where I work, and I must say, it's been very successful, because every morning I must choose many new books to replace the ones that people have checked-out.

What is it about summer that makes people nostalgic? (I'm not talking about you or me specifically. Just people.) I have experimented with many different kinds of books for my display (Nikolai Gogol, it seems, is a winner, with an almost instant check-out average), but then there are the books about summer, the books with "summer" (or "sand," "tides," etc.) in their titles, which invariably evoke times that were so good and are now over. Consider, for instance, Ann Brashares' book, The Last Summer (of You & Me)...

My sisters, brother, and I were at a surf style restaurant last Friday night. It was a good time, with the likely "Good Vibrations" playing in the background. And, after dinner, we went to a special dancing night that was happening nearby. James played the "teddy bear" (dolls sometimes need a teddy bear to escort them to special occasions), and speaking of nostalgia, I am certain that the sweet 1940s melodies will be ever connected to the memory of this night for me.

Autumn's sunshine-y ensemble is like a Beach Boys song. It's bright, it's upbeat, and it's best enjoyed before Labor Day. I really like the way that all the yellow items match: yellow (super-cute) sunglasses, yellow bracelet, yellow shrug sweater, and strapless top with yellow stripes. Often, a color that's everywhere one summer will be nowhere to be found the next, so it's a good idea to get items that match while you can. Autumn's distinctive yellow things look quite fetching with her basic white capri-length pants.

Moving forward. Soon, Autumn will turn to planning what to wear to school this fall, as I will have to make a new library display. I'll do something special for "Banned Books Week" at the end of September, but what do you think of a display called "What about Birds?" for the interim? Catchy, no?

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Anonymous said...

No no!

It's supposed to be called "Why Not Birds?"

...and said emphatically.