Saturday, September 6, 2008

For Lisa

Darlings, please indulge my desire to show my cousin Lisa my new and newly decorated apartment. She did request to see pictures, and I have an opportunity to put them up on the blog while we're waiting for Autumn's fall fashions.

Welcome to apartment number 306. It's been a busy day at the library, and this convivial entryway set-up puts me at ease at once. I rather like the poster, from a French publishing company, which I got at Book Expo America that was in Los Angeles last spring. The illustration with the bunnies in bed reading often makes me think of the expression "as snug as a bug in a rug," and even though my place has no bugs, it's very cozy!

Soon after coming home, I put my purse and keys in a place where I will be able to find them easily when I need to leave again, and this clever cabinet (that came with the apartment!) is perfect for this purpose. It also has a place for my shoes below--just right for the girl on the go!

Don't you think that the "wallpaper" is stylish? It is, in fact, table paper for picnic tables, that was purchased at IKEA. You know, real paste-hung wallpaper is not allowed in apartments, so this paper posted with push pins is pretty okay! It's yellow, because yellow is one of my favorite colors, and I love the way that the graphic design seems to "pop" in front of my eyes!

Not everyone has a table and chair with a hand painted floral design that comes from the famous Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena. And, upon adding another chair, I have a dining room set. The love seat is another rare find: it's more petite and softer than average. I would hate if we had to part ways, so the couch is getting reupholstered in the very near future. Meanwhile, a soft pillow and throw blanket keep it content.

Many thanks to my past roommate Leigh for the tall chair that you see here. This corner seems to be the place where I keep the things that need to be sent away. (The blue-bowed present is a wedding gift.) Luckily, there's a friendly lapin to watch over them.

Up next: photos from the second story!


Amber said...

You certainly have a lot of bunnies in your apartment! Do you remember the time we made bunny ears at the Arboretum. Also, you once did an oil painting of three bunnies that is in our living room. I think you have a sort of fascination or love affair with bunnies.

Lisa said...

COOL! Very awesome :) The place looks just great! Lots of personality, and yes, the wallpaper (though i thought it must have been curtains) looks very neat! Gives a fun, creative feel to the room. :) the barchair as a stand for the "out" box is a cute idea hehe. It seems a little curious to just have one lone barstool, but if it's reserved.. and meaningful! then it definitely earns a spot :)

Amber said...

I hope the lone barstool does not mean you drink alone. ;P