Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nuit blanche

Last week at the library, we had a showing of the Alfred Hitchcock film "To Catch a Thief," and since the story takes place in France, one of the other librarians brought croissants and jam to serve. "That's perfect, " I commented, "Today's also very Paris-like because of the weather." Hurray for my current "climat oceanique."

But, I always think of Paris in the fall and wish that I could go, go, go! When I was there a few years ago, there was a festival, called "Nuit Blanche," when everythng (museums, restaurants, hangouts, etc.) were open through the night and university students had roof parties. It was all very bright and fun.

Don't you love Autumn in her all-white dress? To me, it has Parisian fashion sense, a la Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Beart, and Feist when she sings "One Night." But, these are Autumn's school clothes for fall. (Autumn broke the American rule about no white after Labor Day, and it's fine--what does it matter in California, anyway?) The outfit's debonair, and that girl Autumn stands out in a sea of typically black- and gray-clad students--as she would against the French storm clouds.


grannybabs said...

Yes, very French!!

Ariel said...

I don't know about the Nuit Blanche... I found the one this year quite terrible: "wanna-be" art, a lot of drunken teenagers, and zero chances of getting a taxi... As for the weather, some autumn days are really nice, but sometimes its just too cold here (and dripping rain). In any case, the photographs are fantastic!

Your friend in Paris,