Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn says

For this post, I decided to interview my sister about her life now: UCLA, ceramics, clothes, accessories, and what would be her perfect day at school.

What sorts of classes are you taking this quarter at UCLA?

Autumn: Each quarter I like to mix it up a little. For instance, I am taking a reading course about the author who inspired “Fiddler on the Roof,” and it’s very interesting. I’m taking Spanish, where I have to speak only Spanish all the time, or else I lose points—it’s true. I have chorale; this quarter we are mixed voices so that I have two altos on each of my sides. I’m a soprano, so as you can imagine it can be hard for me to catch my pitch.

Also, I am taking ceramics where we make things for four hours straight. There are some people in the class who are able to make a large object in about an hour, which is impressive and daunting to me. Lately, I made a Grecian-style perfume bottle, and it was small. But, the teacher liked it, which is good, because I don’t want to be the one who’s not up to speed in the class. Because the ceramics sessions are so long, I’m very hungry by the end, and I think that I am going to develop very good upper back muscles.

Throwing the clay’s exciting, and I move my hands up and down. Sometimes the clay forms a shape that I don’t expect and helps me to decide what to make. Maybe this is because of the way that I am handling the clay.

Any chance of your becoming a studio artist making ceramics?

Autumn: You mean like having ceramic objects for sale? I can see myself doing that—I know that I could do it. I would just need to have someplace where there are supplies and a kiln.

You know, my teacher owns a studio with a kiln, and there are shows and classes. He told us that at the end of the quarter we’re going to have a show there, and each student gets to choose an object to display. There will be a reception, too.

I like to make functional things, so I could end up making these things to sell.

How do you like to feel when you get dressed in the morning?

Autumn: I think that the transformation from pajamas to daytime clothing is interesting. At first I am not at all put-together. Then, I put on my clothes, accessories, and make-up, and it’s like making a piece of art. I become particular instead of just wearing clothes.

It’s like ceramics in that I can combine colors and shapes that I, or other people, might not think will work together. Like, a color such as rusty brown, that’s not actually my favorite color, looks really good with white and black. It’s not about “going together,” but more about being interesting.

Tell me about your accessories—why do you like them?

Autumn: Well, for the most part, I’m not a big fan of jewelry, so one reason that I like accessories is that they add to my outfit without being too fussy. I like bigger accessories than small and those that are plastic.

Do you mind if I talk about my sunglasses? I like them because they are versatile and functional. When I wear them on top of my head, they add color up there and keep my hair out of my face. And, when it’s time to head back after class, I can use my sunglasses to keep the glare out of my eyes. I don’t even need to bother digging in my bag for them. Watches are similarly versatile and functional to me, and I like having the face of the watch on the inside of my wrist, like a gadget. It’s like being Nancy Drew or Batman!

What would be your perfect day at school?

Autumn: Well, it would include Didde Reese cookies and ice cream—I know that! I like to be able to wake-up and get ready for school in thirty minutes flat. I would have class, of course, and the teacher would say something that captures my imagination. Then I would have lunch with friends and a little studying before another class. All the while I would be planning the evening’s activities.

I think I would then head down to Westwood to get a chocolate and peanut butter cookie and ice cream confection (eaten with a spoon of course!) before catching a Big Blue Bus to go to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica to meet friends. We would watch the street performers—the last time that I was there we saw a French mime who involved the audience in all sorts of skits and shenanigans! We would go into the gigantic stores to try on bunches of clothes and eat enchiladas and such at a Mexican restaurant that’s amazingly reasonable in price. Then, I would go back to school to play ultimate Frisbee until I am properly in need of a shower and my bed! That would be my perfect day.

Autumn would like to know: What would be your perfect day?


Oleg K. said...

Not sure about every part of my perfect day, but I do know it would involve a mime's shenanigans.

Maybe I'd be the mime?

shopgirl said...

I think that my perfect day would include riding bikes by the coast with a fabulous lunch in the mix!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Another perfect post!
Not sure bout my perfect day but I also like cookies & ice cream - eating - so it wood have to include Autumn!

Amber said...

My perfect day would include going out to lunch, being very happy about new things coming up, ice cream, and dancing!

grannybabs said...

A nice trip down Memory Lane for me - my early college days were long ago and they were in Utah - but there were classes and breaks and things I liked to do and together they made for lovely days - they seem lovely in memory anyway!!

rose said...

Sun, slight breeze, pink and yellow sunset, late lunch outside, fun chit chat about good books, fun movie, life. Autumn's day sounds great to me. Cool pot's and cool shoes too!

Ashley said...

Thanks, everybody! Hope you're in the middle of your perfect day now!