Friday, October 9, 2009


Darlings, please indulge our longtime love of Motown music. This fashion shoot is set to the tune of "Stop in the Name of Love" by The Supremes, and it's recommended that you watch this early 1960s television broadcast of the song's performance here.

Stop! In the name of love,
Before you break my heart!

Haven't I been good to you?
Haven't I been sweet to you?

I've known of your,
Your secluded nights,
I've even seen her
Maybe once or twice.

But is her sweet expression
Worth more than my love and affection?

But this time before you leave my arms,
And rush to her charms

Think it over!

Stop! In the name of love!
Before you break my heart!
Stop! In the name of love
Before you break my heart!

Baby, think it over.

Do you want more? That's good, because my sister Amber said she would "kill me" if I didn't add the video for Mel Carter's "Hold Me!" It's just great.


Amber said...

You put the video up! Thank you!

That's who I want to be, one of those go-go girls with a very long skirt and tennis shoes with socks!

Do you hear all those girls in the audience screaming because of Mel Carter's dreamy song? And they're with their boyfriends!

birdgirl said...


"Walk me down the lane where shadows will be..." Makes me think of early fall romances!

grannybabs said...

Love those walks down "Memory Lane!!"

Cafe Observer said...

You meant to say your sista is going to FIDM, right? Not ucla.

rose said...

Infatuation! To adore is so much fun. It's just a little crush, and so much more. And the voices of Motown were great! Did not know who Mel Carter was, but his song, the words the voice, yes, it was a heart stopper. Thanks for the fun!

shopgirl said...

Loved the writing, the pictures! Craving more!!!

tonydowning said...

Great post, Ashley!

Tash said...

While all the photos are fun and clever, the 3rd (I think) shot from the back with the profile and hair - is amazing. Well done for the photographer and the singer!
Tash from PVDP

Ashley said...

Amber: I bet that song made you blush!

Cafe Observer: Thanks for the compliment!

Tash: Thanks for stopping by! That picture's one of my favorites, too!