Saturday, September 6, 2008

For Lisa, too

Here's my apartment, upstairs edition; please allow me to show you around...

This here sunflower and yellow-themed painting is not, in fact, upstairs, but they are in the bathroom near the staircase. Undoubtedly, it's all very yellow-looking!

My apartment has some nice functional furniture, and a small wicker table that's in the upstairs bathroom is conveniently near the bathtub. It supports a basket full of bath time necessities.

My "study" is a real luxury, because I have a place for all my creative pursuits. Some more IKEA "wallpaper" sets the mood for this room, and the the red-orange color matches the geranium plant's blooms. The space is very inviting.

This dark set of shelves in my study is a showcase for my art; it's a place for me to display completed works, works in progress, and inspiration. I'm presently in an inspiration phase, and the items on the shelves are things that I enjoy. (Lisa, do you remember when we chose those "Mama-bear" and "Papa-bear" yellow and white spotted bowls? It was during a summer some years ago...) There's Oh My Baby, Little One with watercolor illustrations by Jane Dyer, a personal favorite, and an illustration of a girl and her cat, who appear to be floating in air, from a terrific art book, Three Trees Make a Forest.

Thank-you for visiting!


lifeinoleg said...

I nominate the picture of you holding a fishbowl. That one should be part of the tour!

Ashley said...

No-o! This blog is not an Ashley picture book!

Lisa said...

Oh man, Ashley, the apartment looks wonderful! very cute! haha, it's just awesome :) Very cheerful. Who did the painting for the bathroom?