Friday, September 12, 2008

Vintage clothes

Small prints have my heart. I'll admit to wearing a lot of one-toned items (tangerine and navy blue have underscored the past couple of months for me) and clothes with a graphic edge, but aren't things cuter in miniature? Miniature is like memory, more manageable and with the awkward parts minimized. We ate outdoors that day, and it was perfect, and you told me that story, and it was perfect...

Before a week or so ago, I didn't really pay attention to the albums of the Beatles after they stopped being Beatles. And, then, I decided to give Paul McCartney's fairly new album Memory Almost Full a go. It was at the library, and that's what libraries are for, for checking things out.

It wasn't bad, and one song "Vintage Clothes" made me think that it could be played during a catwalk:
Don't live in the past
Don't hold on to something that's
changing fast

What we are is what we are
And what we wear is vintage clothes

Vintage clothes
Vintage clothes

(You just have to hear Mr. McCartney sing "vintage clothes" again and again and as if in slow motion to know what I mean.)

Past-inspired clothes are very popular nowadays, whether they are genuinely vintage or not. This shirt of my sister's I didn't consider vintage until I saw another girl wearing the same top in a 1950s-timed film. Those designers of Anthropologie do consider the past quite a bit, and it's the little bird print that gives Autumn's blouse its other time appeal.

Everyone has her favorite, and this outfit of Autumn's is mine. The blouse is whimsical while still being suitable for the studious days of September. Furthermore, the sturdy linen and cotton mix fabric keeps Autumn cool on the days that are (mis)behaving summer-like. With or without the vest, this outfit is classic.

Classic clothes make people notice the person wearing them more.  


Vash said...

Vintage clothes are totally the way to go! I applaud your wears!

I was thinking of purchasing some myself, just to mix things up a little. (:

Rose said...

This outfit is very fun, Fall, and timeless. It's interesting, I saw another outfit that was in spirit identical, only the skirt was chestnut brown corduroy, red print blouse with a large tie bow and a beige cloth suede vest. It was very cute, so was the girl, she reminds me of Autumn. Vintage 1968